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NAD+ plays an important role in the body's oxidation-reduction reactions. NAD+ is used to as an antiaging formula, improve cognitive function, reduce pain, boost energy, aid in addiction recovery, anxiety treatment, skin lightner, and a Parkinson's Treatment.

Yoga Session

$300 500mg
in 500 ml of Normal Saline

Male Gymnast

NAD + Bundle 1 
500mg x 4 days Plus Zofran and Quench
(Skin Lightning and Anxiety)

Bundle 2 (Anti-aging)
1000mg x 2days Plus Zofran and Quench


Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

NAD +  Bundle 3(Neuro-regeneration)
1000mg x 4 days Plus Zofran and Quench

Bundle 4 (Drug Detox Protocol)
1000mg x 10 days
includes Zofran, Quench and Glutathione

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