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Body Contouring and Post Op Care

Taking Care of You

Non-Surgical BBL

Non-surgical BBL utilizes vacuum cups to increase size, roundness, and firmness of the buttocks. Also helps to correct dents and dimples to the buttocks. 3 to 6 sessions to see desired results. More may be required for greater volume.
$65 for 30mins
$90 for 1hr

Wood Therapy Massage

Wood Therapy is a noninvasive massage.

Wooden elements are utilized to burst fat cells in order for your body to dispose of them. It also forces out toxins through the lymphatic system. This process boost metabolism and speeds up the break down of fat pockets. This procedure also tightens and tones the skin. 

$50 for 30 min treatment

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Laser Lipo

Ultrasonic cavitation uses low frequency sound waves to dissolve fat. Once this fat is destroyed it becomes a liquid that is eliminated through the lymphatic system. Sessions last 45mins to 1hr. You should not have a meal 2 hrs before and 2 hrs after the procedure. Drink plenty of water afterwards or receive an IV to flush out all the destroyed fat liquid. Exercise is still required to maintain results and eating a healthy diet. Shapewear should be worn or waist trainer to increase positive results. 
$65 per session

Body Massage

Skin Tightening

Charged waves of heat are applied to the skin that can reach the deep levels. This procedure stimulates collagen and allows the layers to tighten and shrink fat cells. 
$45 per session/area

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy allow a portion of your cells to soak in the light and produce energy. This process also to repair cells as well as the body from injury. RLT repairs the skin, aids in fat loss, helps with muscle gain, aids in recovery and performance, boost the immune system, balances hormones, detoxifies, improves circulation.
$10 add on to any service
Alone $20 for 15mins

Waiting Room

Post Op Care

Taking Care of You

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is essential to healing and achieving you ideal body goals post cosmetic surgery. Replenish provides 30 min post op care to aid you in achieving you best results.
4 massages per week on weeks 1 and 2
3 massages per week on weeks 3 and 4
2 massages per week on weeks 5 and 6
1 massage a week on weeks 7 thru 12.
$75 for 30min
12 massages for $750

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