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Are your services covered by my insurance?

No, we are able to cut down cost by cutting out the middle man. If you were to go to the ER to receive IV fluid you would leave with $1000+ bill. Now your insurance may cover 80% but usually not and your left with a 2-5 hundred dollar bill. Replenish is you answer! Get hydration before you get to a critical state.

Can I get a same-day appointment? Do you offer walk-in clinic services?

The answer is Yes and Yes! We do a covid screening before entering but other than that quick interaction outside the business walkin ins are welcomed! As long as a slot is available we take same day appointments. Call or online book your next appointment today!

What is your new patient procedure?

New patients just have to fill out new patient paperwork. Once done you quickly move on to your infusion or injection. Not taking insurance shortens a great deal of wait time. 

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